Project Vienna Central Station
The Vienna Central Station project with its size of 109 ha is actually the most important development project of the Austrian capital. The issue is not only the complete restructuring of the railway hub of Vienna, but the development of a whole new quarter.
The new central station links the trans-european railway axes - thus evolving Vienna from a railway terminus to a turntable.

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The area of the old freight terminal that is no longer needed by the Austrian Railway Company (ÖBB) is going to be available for city development. The new quarter, as located close to Vienna's city centre, gives place for 550,000 m2 of office space, 5000 new flats and a park of 8 ha. Read more about urban development

cityscope is documenting the emergence of the central station and the development of the new quarter with two High Resolution Panoramic Systems.

Architectural Documentation

Camera 1 - telecommunication tower "Arsenal": Overview of the development area from the southeast

Camera 2 - "Wiener Zeitung" building: The area of the former Südbahnhof (South Station) at Wiedener Gürtel
Panoramic Camera System

In this documentation project cityscope for the first time employs a new picture acquisition technology: The Swiss manufacturer Seitz's "roundshot" system generates a high resolution panoramic image in a single sequence of operation. The panoramic scanner features a sturdy, outdoor-compatible construction. The system provides a high-quality picture of up to 360 degrees with a vertical resolution of 2048 pixel.

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cityscope implemented the integration of the roundshot system into a fully automated documentation process - under computer control panoramic pictures are recorded in an hourly cycle, formatted and transmitted to the client's webserver. Here you find the online presentation of the Vienna Central Station panoramic documentation:

Camera 1: Project area

Camera 2: Südbahnhof area


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