Panoramic Camera Systems

cityscope's panoramic camera systems are designed to record pictures in different formats for archiving and for immediate online presentation. The systems work automatically, are weatherproof and thus suitable for rough outdoor conditions. The panoramic format with its angle of view of up to 360° is able to depict spacious objects and cityscapes in an authentic manner.
Of course we also offer camera setups with normal picture formats and a standard angle of view (i.e. < 90°).

Panoramic Imaging Technology
For the recording of panoramic images we employ a variety of techniques:
1. PanTilt systems
2. Multimodule systems
3. Panoramic scanners
Basic Functionality

In the case of PanTilt- and Multimodule Systems the panoramic picture is generated from of a series of single shots being taken in different directions. These shots are then combined to the panoramic picture.
In PanTilt Systems the camera module is mounted on a computer-controlled rotation device - the single shots are taken one after another. In Multi­modul Systems there is a seperate camera module for each direction - the single shots are recorded almost simultaneously.

Sequential Recording: PTZ System

Panoramic Scanners are a combination of a vertical CCD-line plus lens being rotated around the vertical axis. Thus the panoramic picture is generated as a seemless bitmap in a single sequence of operation.

Camera systems

Below we present a selection of panoramic imaging systems being developed and employed respectively. Current projects are being realised on the basis of Multimodul-Systems and Panoramic Scanners.

Berlin, Alexanderplatz, 360°

Roundshot D2HD

Panoramic Scanner
Manufacturer: Seitz Phototechnik
Hor. angle of view: up to 360°
Max bitmap: 32000 x 2048 Pixel
Process-computer: PC or Mac
Projects: Vienna Central Station, Nuremberg
Technical information: D2 HD

Airport BER, Berlin, 8 modules 360°
Panocam PHR-8

High Resolution Multimodule System
8 fixed position camera modules
Process-computer: IPC (industrial PC)
Angle of view: 360° x 35°
Bitmap: 22950 x 2250 pixels
Project: BER

ThyssenKrupp Quarter Essen, PHR-2, 90°
Panocam PHR-2

High Resolution multi-module system
Two fixed-position camera modules
Process-computer: IPC (industrial PC)
Hor. angle of view: > 90°
Bitmap (at 90°): 4465 x 1660 pixels
Project: O2 Arena Berlin, ThyssenKrupp Quarter Essen

Shanghai, PMX-3, 150°

Series PMX

Multi-module system
Fixed network cameras
Process-computer: Linux System
Projects: Shanghai, Dresden Neumarkt, Palast der Republik

O2 Arena Berlin, 360°
PanTilt System HPT04

360° HighRes PanTilt Camera
Digital Camera and PanTilt Head
Process-computer: Linux System
Project: O2 Arena

Stuttgart, Berlin 270°

PanTilt System VPT99

Compact panoramic webcam
Pantilt videocam with outdoor enclosure
Process-computer: Apple Macintosh
Projects: PP2, PP Skyline, Stuttgart, Expo 2000, Alex, div. events

Kurfüstendamm, 360°
PanTilt System HPT98

HiRes DigiPan Cam for 360° Panorama
Digital camera in a rotating enclosure
Process-computer: Linux System + Macintosh
Project: Kurfürstendamm, Berlin

Potsdamer Platz, 360°
PanTilt System VPT95

Video PanTilt Camerasystem for 360° Panoramas
RGB videocamera and pantilt head
Process-computer: Apple Macintosh
Projects: Potsdamer Platz (Classic) and Spreebogen