Construction Site Documentation
Building and documenting

As an investor, developer, architect or contractor, you would like to give your business partners a multimedia view of the progress being made at your construction site.

Time and Space

cityscope offers the docmentation solutions to meet your b2b communication demands: Invite your partners and other interested parties to visit your web site featuring up-to-date images of your progressing building site. Take prospective clients on a journey through time and space: Letz them interactively browse throughyour online picture archive or give them a personalized view by the use of remotely controlled cameras. Last but not least you might want to fascinate them with the comprehensive presentation of a time-lapse movie!


cityscope comes with long-time experience in the digital documentation of construction projects. In a documentation project we employ one or more of the following techniques:

- automated cameras (webcams, Hi Resolution)
- panoramic technology
- video streaming
- remotely controlled cameras
- WIFI networks
- online picture archives
- virtual tours
- time-lapse movies
- multimedia presentation on the web, on terminals and DVD

The online Panorama - get the full view

cityscope's unique documentation technology is tailor-made for depicting spatial interrelations: Evolving architectures are perfectly portrayed within the context of their urban environment. With an angle of vision of up to 360°, the panoramic images convey an authentic spatial experience that emulates human perception.

The online-Panorama - the medium of choice for the visual representation of a changing environment.

Our Service

We are specialized in the visualization of architectural developments, construction processes and large-scale events. To this end, we carry out all necessary steps, from automated image recording on location and the archiving of images, up to online and offline multimedia presentations.

You may consult us in all questions related to the application of digital media. We can conceive your documentation and presentation projects and implement them in a way complying with professional quality standards.