Nürnberg - General View plus Details
cityscope realized the panoramic view onto the city of Nürnberg.

Located 193 m above ground on a telecommunication tower, the "Nürnberg Panorama" camera presents a 240° view of the southern German metropolis.
This is cityscope's first online panorama project which features the Zoom function: In the online presentation the user may not only pan the panoramic image to left and right, but can also zoom into the picture's depth. -
The Nürnberg Panorama presents the general view as well as a detailed view.
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 Project data:

 Horizontal field of view: 240°
 Vertical field of view: 60°
 Recording schedule: Day 1/4 h - Dusk/Dawn 1/2 h - Night 1 h
 Image bitmap: 21.379 x 2.048 px, ca. 30MB
 PanoZoom Presentation: Zoom factor 6
Technical Info
Camera system

We've employed the Roundshot D2 HD system of Swiss camera manufacturer Seitz. The robust panoramic scannner is made for outdoor longtime use. The system generates high resolution, seamless panoramic pictures in a single sequence of operation. The pictures have a vertical resolution of 2048 pixel.

The camera function and picture processing is controlled by a computer located in the tower's control room. After recording, the panoramic image gets fractionized into tiles and transmitted to the web server.

Online Presentation

cityscope's PanoZoom Player invites the user to a jorney through time and space:
He may select the desired picture in a interactive calendar by date and time. Then he can control his angle of view by panning, tilting and - this is new - zooming. According to the user's navigational commands (pan-tilt-zoom) the required parts of the picture (tiles) are loaded down and fit them together to the desired panoramic view - thus the response time for picture build-up is very fast. More information about the PanoZoom Player...
cityscope GmbH Berlin, 2009 - 2016
Client: Schmitt und Sohn, Nürnberg
Project oversight: Martin Potthoff
Camera control: Reinhard Ludwig
PanoZoom Player: Michael Lorenz
Camera system: Seitz Roundshot D2HD