Architecture Documentation of the ThyssenKrupp Quarter

View of the construction site (Camera 1)
At the site of the former Krupp steel factory in the Ruhr area's metropolis Essen the ThyssenKrupp group was building its new headquarter. Several functional buildings and office buildings were erected in a campus-like architectural setup. Amongst others the concern's academy and a hotel were constructed. Embedded in the plot are the existing "Kreuzgebäude" (cross building) and the "Krupp'sches Stammhaus" (parent house).
The ThyssenKrupp Quarter was creating an urban space which is connected to the neighbouring "Universitätsviertel" (university quarter). West of the area the "Bertold Beitz Boulevard" has been built, a multi-lane cityroad and a public park.
The Documentation
The construction work was covered with three panoramic cameras. The cameras were positioned on existing buildings, and were recording different views of the area on an hourly schedule.

Camera 1 showed an overview of the whole construction area from the South with an angle of view of 90°.

Camera 2 was presenting a close-up view of the construction area with an angle of 220°.

Camera 3 was showing the site of the future hotel building, the Bertold Beitz Boulevard and the park. The angle of view was 220°.

In the ThyssenKrupp's Architecture Documentation high resolution Panoramic Cameras in multi-module technique were employed. Each camera system was controlled by an industrial PC on its location. The systems was integrated into the corporate LAN network. The central server was located in the "Kreuzgebäude" - its tasks included image processing, time lapse sequence generation and archiving.

Camera 1

Technical data:

Camera 1

two modules, hor. angle of view 90°,
image size 4460 x 1660 pixels

Cameras 2 and 3

five modules, hor. angle of view 220°,
image size 10350 x 1660 pixels

Web Presence
The presentation on the client's website shows actual and archived images of the three cameras in a large-sized exposition. Visitors can select images by date and time and have a look-around by simply moving their mouse (realisation: comkom Bochum). A time lapse movie can be found here.
cityscope GmbH Berlin, 2007-2010
Project director: Martin Potthoff
Camera electronics: Reinhard Ludwig
Camera mechanics: Uwe Blechschmidt
Camera control: Stephan Görgens
Image processing: Henry Becker