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Airport BBI
ThyssenKrupp Quartier
O2 World
Dresden Neumarkt

New central station in Vienna
The capital of austria gets a new center. On the area of the present stations "Südbahnhof" the new central station will be raised. The old rails will be replaced through modern city appartments. Cityscope documents the process with a new camera technology. more soon...
Airport im Web
cityscope documents the construction of germany´s new capital airport "Berlin-Brandenburg International": An especially designed High Resolution Panoramic Camera has been installed on the 32m tall "Info-Tower". The emergence of the airport is documented with 360° pictures which are taken automatically on an hourly schedule. more..
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The ThyssenKrupp corporation moves to Essen in the Ruhr-Area: The companie´s new headquarter is set up on the site of the former "Kruppsche Stahlfabrik" (Steel Factory), an area of 72 hectars. In a campus-like architecture six functional buildings are to be erected. Cityscope documents the project using three panoramic cameras. More...
O2 World
Berlin´s biggest event location is arising next to the Ostbahnhof (East Station). The multifunctional sports- and event-arena will open in autumn 2008. Cityscope is documenting the construction of this major project with a High Resolution 180° Panormic System installed on a 21 m high electronic bilboard. more...
Aufbau an der Elbe
Dresden Neumarkt, the well known face of the east German metropolis, is currently being reconstructed. Vis-à-vis the restaurated Frauenkirche a new urban design following historical archetypes is under construction. Cityscope is documenting this development since July, 2005 with a 180° panoramic vista. More...