Architektur Documentation Dresden Neumarkt
 Project information
Since the middle of the 18th century the Neumarkt place is the visual figurehead of the metropolis on the river Elbe. Now, after been in an awkward state for so many years, Dresden's central place is being restored. In the area between the Dresden castle and the famous Frauenkirche a new urban design following historical archetypes is under construction.


vertikaler Bildwinkel
 Panoramic camera system

panosystem 1 - Juni 2005

panosystem 2 - April 2014
Since summer of 2005 cityscope documents the ongoing construction work with a 210° vista. Located on the roof of the nearby Kulturpalast, a multi-module camera system shoots panoramic pictures on an hourly schedule.
 Dresden Neumarkt
Panosystem 1
Panosystem 2
PMX 6m10
PMX 3m24
Juni 2005
April 2014
 hor. Bildwinkel
 vert. Bildwinkel
5.202 x 1.050
6.152 x 1.565
The online presentation on the web invites the visitor to a journey through time and space of the Neumarkt's metamorphosis.

online präsentation

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Our movie depicts the urban development in the heart of Dresden in an impressive time-lapse sequence.
 Project Data
Camera system PMX 3m24 (april 2014)
Location: Dresden, Kulturpalast
Recording Schedule: hourly
Project start: july 1, 2005
Camera Update: july 4, 2014
Camera technic: Reinhard Ludwig, Uwe Blechschmidt
Camera control, Pano process: Henry Becker, Zsolt Barat
Webinterface: Stephan Görgens
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