Architecture Documentation Airport Berlin
The new Airport "Berlin Brandenburg International" (BBI) is under construction on the capital's southern periphery. The U-shaped terminal building with its underground railway station, two runways and several infrastructure elements are to be realised until summer 2011. The new airport is an expansion of the existing Schönefeld airport and is going to replace Berlin's city airports Tempelhof and Tegel.

Terminal at E1
 Die Dokumentation
On behalf of the Berlin Airport corporation cityscope documents the events on Germany's biggest construction site: 360° panoramic views are recorded on an hourly schedule employing a high resoulution camera system.
The panoramic view shows the area of the future terminal building, the runways, the communication and parking areas and the existing Schönefeld airport. The pictures are presented on the airport's web site.

Visitors of the official Berlin airport website are invited to a journey through time and space. Starting from the actual panoramic image the construction process can be tracked to the beginning of the recording. Browsing through the archive is accomplished by selecting year, month, day and hour of the desired picture. The panoramic image can be scrolled to the right and left to enable a spatial navigation. An interactive map shows the selected line of sight.

Panorama Archive.

BBI web site
 Die Technik
The camera system is installed on the upper platform of the 32m tall "Info Tower", which is publicly accessible. The system is controlled by a computer system on location. Camera images are transmitted to a server via LAN to be assembled to panoramic pictures, archived and formatted for Internet publication.

BER Infotower

360° camera system
cityscope GmbH Berlin, 2008 - 2016
Project director: Martin Potthoff
Camera electronics: Reinhard Ludwig
Camera mechanics: Uwe Blechschmidt
Camera control, Web Presentation: Stephan Görgens
Image processing: Henry Becker
Camera enclosure: märzdesign